Desire is Stronger Motivation than Need

Ask yourself, what stirs your passions and desires more, things you WANT or things you NEED??  Sure, we all write lists of the things we need, but it’s the “wish list” of things we desire that has a special place in our heart…

An old sales guy told me (or was it me?) that selling something people want and desire is much easier than convincing them they need it. This has been proven true, since the beginning of time (yeah, that means way before the Facebook “Timeline” was created)…

So…Desire is Stronger Motivation than Need!  

Of course, a great deal of bad behavior throughout history has been motivated by people desiring and wanting things they could (or should) not have.  But many of the greatest and most beautiful works of art and poetry have also been fueled by desiring, wanting and yearning; some sad, tragic but many lovely, noble, even spiritual.

PicLister has been created to list, manage and share the things you need, but especially the things you want and desire.  Bring your wish lists to us – the things you want for yourself and for your loved ones – share and manage them on PicLister…


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