The PicLister “pl” logo & icon

So we found a cool font, and made our name/word logo, but these days, you need a square, iconic, memorable logo treatment, which is readable and recognizable even at small sizes.

Initially we came up with a clumsy overlap of a the uppercase “P” and “L” of PicLister, which left an awkward space in a square layout. After a while, we tried keeping them lower case to be consistent with our full name/word logo, varying the overlap and positioning for different effects.

piclister_pl-logo_w-bl-purp_1800x1800Finally, we came up with one that clicked, like a camera’s shutter release, capturing the perfect moment with the right mood. We didn’t design it that way, but after playing, we picked our favorite based on visual impact…and then started seeing all kinds of relevance and meaning in it!  The final logo design is on the right..

Here’s a list of what we saw and appreciated in the logo’s design, after-the-fact:

  • It incorporates the P and L of PicLister effectively–definitely better and more consistent with our name/word logo, in lowercase, and italics.
  • The overlap was tweaked so that the notch in the P was matched by the notch made by overlapping with the simple bar of the lowercase L–more balanced.
  • We filled in the hole of the blue P with the same purple of the L, and it clicked–more integrated and less awkward than all other treatments.
  • The italics also make the design feel dynamic and active, moving forward, going places…
  • Then…we noticed it looked like two people sharing–as if they were shaking hands, or even hugging–evoking family, friends, or just collaborators!
  • Next, we noticed it looked a little like a person’s two arms, holding up a camera to take a picture and put it on their list (a shameless plug for our app concept!)…
  • Finally, we observed another visual symbolism in the logo design–of two parts fitting together, interlocked, connected, as if to communicate, exchange, and share.

Do you see what we see? Or do you think we’re imagining things from looking at it for too long? Well, we’re happy with the result for now–hope you like it too–whether you see one or more of the attributes and meanings in it, as listed above!

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