Welcome to piclister–the Social Shopping App, Web Service & Community!

Soon, we will have more information on the piclister Mobile App, as well as our social shopping web-services, and online/sharing community for family and friends, to be launched soon…

For more information and to track our progress, please subscribe to this blog via email (enter address in top of column on right), and be sure to follow, like, +1 and otherwise connect with piclister on LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook and Google+!

And, since “pic” is part of our name, our products and who we are as people – you guessed it – we love pics, pictures, photos, photographs, and images, whether still or moving…


So, of course piclister is on the biggest and best image-blogging platforms: Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest–definitely follow our “social shopping feeds” on those three platforms especially!

Of course, you can email us your awesome and insightful comments, questions, requests, thoughts, ideas & ideas at info@piclister.com

See you out there, shopping & sharing!



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